Cocktails + Beer


Kim-Pop* – bridge lane sauvignon blanc, green chili, passionfruit soda 12
Rock Paper Scissors* -akitabare momofuku saké, fino, ginger, salted apple 14
Go-Stop* – cimarron tequila, mandarin, yuzu, mancino sakura vermouth 16
Gimme – toasted-buckwheat infused fords gin, st. george spiced pear, black lime 16
BTS – tokki soju, honey, strega, lemon 16
Trading Card – plantation pineapple, cruzan blackstrap, and smith & cross rums, trader vic’s  macadamia liqueur, curry, yogurt 16
New Fashion –coconut-washed Japanese whisky, sencha, bitters 18
KTOWN Cowboy – del maguey mezcal, kyoto ki no bi gin, charbay black walnut, cherry heering, coyote bitters 22

*Available non-alcoholic, 10


The accessibility of smaller breweries that are rediscovering ancestral varieties has blurred the traditional rice polish categorization of saké. We have arranged our saké by rice variety sorted from lightest to richest.

glass | bottle
Yamada Nishiki  the classic saké rice  
Takatenjin Soul of the Sensei  18 | 90
Moriki Tae No Hana Sublime Beauty 14 | 70
Kotsuzumi Nishiyama Rojo Hana Ari Aoi 36 | 180
Akitabare Momofuku 12 | 60

Dewasansan – a specialty of Yamagata prefecture
Dewazakura Green Ridge 16 | 80
Gohyakumangoku – the everyman’s rice
Nigori Rihaku Shuzo Dreamy Clouds 14 | 70
Tensei Endless Summer 12 | 60

Tajima Goriki – local specialty
Kotsuzumi Nishiyama Rojo Hana Ari Kurobotan Peony Shadow 32 | 160

Omachi – grandparent of traditional saké rice
Dewazakura Jewel Brocade 16 | 80                                                                                                                             

Hida Homare – brought back from the brink of extinction
Yamada Shoten Everlasting Roots (900ml) 12 | 78                                                                                                                          

Soju Glass | Bottle
Tokki 23 White NY (375ml) 16 | 64

BEER & CIDER                                                                                                                                                 

Gose Collective Arts Guava Ontario 8
Pilsner Gunn Hill Spirit of 76 Bronx 8
IPA Barrier Money Bronx 9
Kolsch Mikkeller NYC Casual Everyday Queens 9

Lager Tiger SP (16.9oz) 8
Lager Hite KR (12oz) 8
Sour IPA Hudson Valley Brewery x Momofuku Ikigai I (16oz) 12
Sour Farmhouse Ale Hudson Valley Brewery x Momofuku Ikigai II (500ml) 18
American IPA LIC Beer Project Higher Burnin’ Queens (16oz) 12
Cider Shacksbury x Momofuku VT (12oz) 14
Rosé Cider Wölffer Estate No 139. Long Island (10oz) 10

Plum Lemonade 6
Iced Tea* 4
Iced Tea + Lemonade 6
Q Ginger Ale (6.7oz) 3
Fever Tree Ginger Beer (6.7oz) 3
Mexican Coke (12oz) 4
Diet Coke (8oz) 3
Wölffer Petit Rosé 10

Hot Tea + Tisanes**
Green Sejak KR 6
Oolong Da Hong Fa CH 6
Black Emperor’s Breakfast CH 6
Wild Pear KR
Aromatic Quince KR

Espresso 4
Americano 4
Kawi Cortado 6
espresso + steamed milk 

Unlimited filtered still or sparkling water is available for $1 per person

*Momofuku X Rare Tea; drink as much as you like
**Tea by Tea-Dealers and Rare Tea